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Welcome to The Magnes Group - HR/IR Satellite®!

In a response to our corporate clients seeking to manage Human Resource related risks, The Magnes Group has partnered with Platz & Associates, to deliver professional Human Resource services.

Platz & Associates is a highly regarded consulting firm specializing in Human Resources, Industrial Relations and Organizational Change. The Magnes Group’s HR/IR Satellite® is a web-based resource designed specifically to support your organization's existing platform of Human Resource services. Our clients repeatedly tell us that this service is an extremely valuable resource tool.

To learn more about the HR/IR Satellite®, you can request an introductory meeting through your Magnes Group corporate Account Executive. Once your authorization is set up, you will be able to use many of our online self-help features located in our password protected area. Plus, you will have access to many valuable support services, such as employment templates, employment legislation, and numerous other essential resources. In addition, we can contact a variety of industry specialists with whom we have allied to solve any specific problems.

The Magnes Group’s HR/IR Satellite® will continue to grow as we work together to identify other opportunities to better serve our client’s needs. Please take a moment to browse around, and learn how Platz & Associates can support your company’s Human Resource services, and help reduce costly HR related risks.

Andy Sloan , President

The Magnes Group Inc.

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